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User Assistance: For the SAKE of the people

Whether it’s called “Tech Support”, “User Support” or “Helpdesk”, the fact is, people need help with technology.

Every person is unique in their skill level, experience and affinity towards technology. Every person has their own perspective of what technology does for them, what they expect from it, what it should cost, and what they are willing to know and do. People are prone to forget, make mistakes and fall victim to a myriad of scams and frequent software changes. And… people are impatient.

Every PC is a unique combination of hardware, software, configurations, age, connectivity and capacity, regardless of efforts to standardize. The state of every PC is unique as to where on the Internet the user has visited, what they have installed, what updates have been forced upon them, what hardware has failed and, worst of all, what malware has successfully attacked.

Mixing people and computers creates the perfect storm of support needs. Every case is unique. Every case takes the time of a minimum of two people; the user and the technician. Most cases are unpredictable. And most cases must be handled quickly. How often do you put off calling for help until you are frustrated or completely stopped?

Very large companies have “addressed” this perfect storm by replacing support people with armies of robots and other automation technologies. The truth is, your people DEFINE your productivity and your computers ENABLE that productivity. Unfortunately for the people in most small businesses, in the eyes of company leaders, computers are just commodities that should be simple, cheap, always work

The message here is clear: Supporting people and their computers is the most difficult, most time consuming, most unpredictable, and most costly part of technology. And it’s the most valuable. It takes specific Skills to know the technology. It takes Availability of the right person at the right time. It takes intimate Knowledge of unique systems, people and situations. And it takes Experience to target and solve problems quickly. Pour on a generous helping of patience and you have the formula for quality User Assistance that your people deserve and require to remain productive.

When you have a technology challenge, call on us for guidance and a helping hand.