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Virtual ISI Support & Help Desk

Our Virtual ISI is your trusted technological adviser who specializes in developing effective, efficient IT strategies for your business. While a traditional internal technical support position works in-house in order to optimize the IT infrastructure of the company, Virtual ISI service offers a new, fresh perspective.
Utilizing a Virtual ISI is a cost-effective way to streamline your IT strategy in the interest of maximizing the efficiency of your business.

What Does Virtual ISI Do for My Business?

As professional consultants dedicated to bettering your business through the implementation of effective IT strategies, ISI does much more than recommend turnkey, non-customized solutions. We take the time to learn and understand exactly how your business operates in order to ensure your IT strategy is directly in
line with your business goals. We will evaluate your existing IT infrastructure, take into account the direction and growth of your business, and help you get the most out of your IT.

Summary of VIrtual ISI Services

• Evaluate existing IT
• Proactively assess business operation and goals
• Design and implement a defined IT strategy
• Execute IT vision

Remote Support for My Business?

Our remote support Help Desk provides an efficient way to provide immediate support to our customers. It’s convenient and fast. We’ve found that the vast majority of our customer’s technical problems can be resolved over the phone or with an online chat. Over the years, we’ve continually refined our Help Desk, as well as our proprietary Help Desk Management Systems that makes this solution so powerful. Today,
we offer customers the benefit of our Help Desk services with several options for support:

Summary Help Desk Support

24×7 Support365® Help Desk
We offer an array of options from limited hours to unlimited true 24×7 live Help Desk support is available in our Support365® service plans. Our Help Desk is staffed around the clock with certified technical network consultants available to provide immediate assistance. Contact us for more detailed pricing based upon support contract requirements.