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Our Guiding Principles

When an emerging business or small business partners with companies like ISI, they are entrusting their entire business to us. Our principles guide our relationships with the business we support and each of our team members consult and service our clients the highest level of customer service possible.


You will always be presented with the best options, solutions and IT recommendations from ISI. Our  business is built largely on referrals, and our reputation is built on our ethics, honesty and accountability. A business cannot survive without customers and we work to ensure we make all of our clients happy. Recommendations from clients are the best way to grow a business, but we believe that these referrals have to be earned through hard work and providing great information technology services.


We will always explain IT services at the level of detail that matters to you. We solve your computer, server and network problems as quickly as possible so you can get on with your day. In order to earn your  respect, we must first respect you. We do this by helping you find computer solutions that fits your needs. Each client is unique and we respect and honor that.


We believe that ISI support should “just work” and that you should not feel overwhelmed by information technology. We will always design the best IT solution based on your specific needs. This solution will also work efficiently and our goal is not to waste your time or money.


Your satisfaction is always guaranteed. If you’re not fully satisfied with our IT services for small businesses, we will gladly refund your payment. We believe this is the best and only policy that a business should have because without trust, relationships cannot exist. And in order to maintain business continuity, you need satisfied customers that choose to come back for more.


Guaranteed commitments of response time and on-site service calls. We offer phone, text and email support and will always respond quickly. We believe that strong communication skills win over clients. Communication is critical when it comes to doing a good job.