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Web Filtering

Finding a website on the internet is easy, right? Just type the website into your browser and bingo!… You are there! Use your favorite search engine and you can find anything. But how do you know if the web link you choose is infected or not?

More importantly, how many OTHER things on your computer are connecting to the internet? Microsoft, Adobe, iTunes, Chrome and Skype are examples of software that use the internet to get updates. What about email Phishing attacks, malvertizing, botnets and other trojans and viruses that spread themselves. Clearly these are internet connections that you don’t see, and not all these connections are safe or wanted.

Attack Initiation

Attacks by cyber predators are all too commonly a two way street. Clearly, attacks are perpetrated by outside entities (if we ignore “inside jobs.” Typically we assume that the attacks come from the outside to the inside like some kind of siege by Attila the Hun armed with an Sherman Tank. To be clear, definitely the instigation of the attacks come from the outside, but deployment has shifted from “Brute Force” to “Con Artist” as evidenced by a plethora of admonishment from security professionals warning of the dangers of “opening unknown email” or “going to suspicious websites”. Well, with all the bad guys doing a darn good job to disguise their attacks, how is the common person supposed to tell The Good from The Bad… or The just plain Ugly? Attackers bank on individuals NOT knowing how to tell, and being conned into triggering the attack from the INSIDE!

We live in a world where some of these con jobs will make it through other security layers, and more importantly, many infected websites are infected and waiting for victims to stumble into their trap.

If your computer were given the ability to avoid virtually every “bad” web connection, would that change the threatscape? Absolutely! The fact is, the vast majority of attacks are triggered by someone or some THING connecting to a bad place on the internet. Web Filtering is the security layer that does exactly that!

Web Filtering

The best solution for protecting against inside/out initiated attacks is web filtering. This approach watches every connection to the internet and, using big data analytics and machine learning, connections are inspected and prevented when necessary. Unlike Firewalls and Anti-Virus software which are built on the premise of reacting to attacks as they happen, or cleaning up after the fact, Web Filtering prevents attacks from happening in the first place.

In addition to protecting computers on your network, this technology also provides

  • Protection of all guest WiFi connections
  • Protection of mobile computers that connect to public WiFi networks
  • Reports can detail all connections to any website and web category
  • Reports can detail all Cloud Services being used, including “Shadow” uses
  • Enables enforcement of Acceptable Use Policies and Compliance requirements

If you are interested in a free trial of Web Filtering, please click here to contact our office and find out how a trail will quickly reveal traffic patterns and user behaviors of great value. Setting up a trial is very simple!

By David Turner | June 12, 2016

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