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Enterprise Wi-FI

When most people think of Wi-Fi the first thing that comes to mind is Starbucks or the local library. Most think FREE Wi-Fi means free access to the Internet… its everywhere. But the first thing it is not is free.

Someone has to make the investment in the equipment, and pay the monthly internet provider fees to have the connection. And why is Wi-Fi offered for free so often? Clearly it’s to attract you to an establishment with the expectation that you will buy a Latte and a Lemon Bar.

But Wi-Fi goes way beyond a marketing “convenience” when it comes to the enterprise. Businesses large and small realize great benefits from having Wi-Fi connectivity available to their staff, customers and vendors. Some, like nursing homes, rehab centers, conference facilities and sports arenas are absolutely dependent on Wi-Fi.

But a real enterprise cannot simply “throw-in” a cheap set of Access points here and there and hope to have fast, secure Wi-Fi service, much less separate private internal use from open access for guests, customers, vendors, or perhaps employee personal use. There are many factors to consider including channel separation, bandwidth management, interference, and security.

Whether the need is coverage of a large building, building-to-building connections, or outdoor scenarios, planning is essential for success. Contact our office if you are interested in more information true business class Wi-Fi implementations for any size organization or budget. We even free 30 day demonstration devices available.