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Cloud Hybrid

You likely use a laptop or desktop computer for the heavy lifting of your daily work.  Let’s call it a workstation. You (or your company) own it, you have a variety of software to do your work. You read and write documents, send and receive email, and visit many web sites. And under it all lies the ever present need for Internet speed.

Cloud technologies have incredible benefits. Sellers of cloud services would have you believe that non-cloud technologies are poisonous, antiques or just plain evil. OK… maybe not evil, but for sure they want you to be “all cloud, all the time.”

But is it true? Not in the real world, it isn’t.

Whether you are a one person web designer, own the world’s largest gerbil food juggernaut, or somewhere in between, you and your company use cloud services every day. Some you cannot avoid such as Web Hosting and Domain Name Registration. And some of them are optional, such as Email or CRM services.

Regardless of your situation, you have a hybrid of cloud services and traditional hardware investments. Just think… you MUST have that workstation and Internet connection to be able to get to those cloud services, whatever they might be.

The trick is to know what combination of services and investments make sense for you and your budget. For more information about which cloud services are the best for your business, contact our office and we will guide you to your best investments.