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What is BYOD and Employee Mobility?

Mobility and Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) are increasingly important subjects in IT. Many companies have BYOD programs in place without understanding the risks. Some are allowing BYOD without having a proper policy in place and without deploying software to manage these devices.

Mobility is a complicated subject, and BYOD makes it even more so. What happens when your employees bring their own devices and company data is mingled with personal data? Choosing the right management tools and proper implementation can mean the difference between keeping your data secure and letting your data out of your protection.

The days of company issued laptops and cellphones are coming to an end. As consumer devices have become more capable and readily available, consumers are asking why they need to carry two devices around. There are a number of drivers behind the BYOD movement, but the main motivator is employee and contract staff
demand. Here are some points to consider regarding Mobile Device Management options.

Mobile Device Management Solutions provide the following features:imgdemo
• Central policy and configuration management for mobile devices
• Secure, monitor, manage and support mobile devices and tablets
• Simplify the support of mobile devices
• Automatically configure email, access other settings
• Support for most Android and iOS devices
• Over-the-air hardware software and network inventory

If given a choice, how many individuals would password protect their mobile devices? According to a recent IDA survey 67% of consumers don’t have password protection on their phones to protect stored data. 60% of those surveyed acknowledged that device theft or loss was the biggest security threat to mobile devices; however, only 57% have password protection enabled even on their laptops, with 18% admitting to using the same password for everything. ISI solutions can solve this problem by enforcing a policy requiring password protection on mobile devices. When considering a mobility strategy companies have many options for
containerization of the content and a one size does not fit all.

Are you concerned about the risks of Bring Your Own Device (BYOD)? Are you concerned about managing your fleet of mobile devices and reducing risk? Not sure how utilizing Mobile Device Management (MDM) and Mobile Application Management (MAM) can help your organization? ISI can help and support you with a strategy to ensure your business and employees are connected with our free assessment.